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Brighten up your landscape with an adorable version of a Dogwood. Great little tree. Last winter the Chicago area experienced a late winter cold snap that killed off about 35% of my ‘Little Poncho’. And like other trees that are native to Japan, they showcase an extremely graceful form. Here's a cool bonus, you can actually eat fruit from a kousa dogwood. You'll love watching the wildlife devour the berries. As a group, the Japanese dogwoods are similar to Cornus florida (flowering dogwood), but have a vase-shaped growth pattern that gradually becomes round with age. The Milky Way Kousa Dogwood is a selected garden variety of the kousa dogwood, Cornus kousa var. Dan Keck / Flickr / CC By 1.0. Make sure your soil is well drained and don't overwater your Poncho. Fertilization: There's no need to fertilize the Poncho. That tree grows in China, and it is a form of a tree from Japan and Korea, so it is sometimes called the Asian dogwood. Dark green in color, red-orange and scarlet tones in fall. We have received your request. Kousa slowly grows into a lovely, small deciduous tree. Pests: The Dwarf Dogwood Poncho is very disease resistant. View Map. It will grow 4-8 inches per year on its own. The shape of the bare, horizontal branches in the winter is striking. We want your new plant to thrive right out of the box, so we will wait on shipping your order until the weather is ideal. The Dwarf Dogwood Poncho looks magnificent when it is lit at night on a walkway. If carefully treated, a mature Dogwood tree species, such as the Flowering Dogwood, may reach 40 feet in height. When I think about cornus kousa, I think of beautiful oblong dogwood blooms in the garden in early summer when our native dogwood species have already lost their blooms. Thank you! Grows slowly to 15-20’. A cultivar of the Kousa dogwood, Little Poncho (Cornus kousa ‘Little Poncho’), is one of the best-known mini dogwoods. Shop 5.5-gallon white kousa dogwood flowering tree in pot (l1140) in the trees section of I was able to place them in the ground quickly and am still awaiting them to come out of dormancy though the buds appear to be swelling. Kousa seems to do better at temperature extremes, both cold and hot. They make a wonderful jam, but they can be eaten raw once they've fallen from the tree. Growing Zones 3, 4, 5 & 6. Variety or Cultivar 'Dwarf Pink' _ 'Dwarf Pink' is a compact, spreading, deciduous tree with ovate, wavy-margined, dark green leaves, bronze-flushed in spring and turning orange-red in autumn. The Kousa Dogwood flowers about a month later than the standard Dogwood. It reaches 4 to 6 feet in height and bears creamy, yellowish-white flowers from late spring to early summer. Two outstanding characteristics are the four-petaled, white flowers that appear above the foliage in June and reddish-purple fall color. Autumn color is stunning pink and burgundy tones. The Average Height of a Kousa Dogwood. The Dwarf Dogwood "Poncho" is a Japanese Dogwood that only grows to 8-10 ft., unlike an American Dogwood, which can reach heights of 25 ft. Try to avoid placing in a space that gets a lot of reflected heat and light. In autumn, bright red berries that look like large raspberries fall from the tree. The Poncho Dogwood may be small, but it is mighty. In an absolutely perfect setting, this true dwarf has reached up to 10' tall, but it'll more likely grow to around 8' tall. As noted on the website, some items are seasonal, and may only ship in spring or fall. Special accent. Finally, you can fit in one of the most stunning ornamental trees even if your garden has little available real-estate. In spring and summer plants showcase medium green leaves each boldly edged with golden yellow. It'll deliver generous amounts of larger-than-average flowers. Thank you for signing up for our Newsletter! It is a plant native to East Asia including Korea, China and Japan. Within this category is the Cornus alba "Bailhalo" dogwood that goes by the common name of tatarian dogwood. Let’s look at a few: ‘Little Poncho’ – if you’re looking for a dwarf kousa that only reaches 8′-10′ tall in the landscape The kousa dogwoods originated in China and Asia. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! See more ideas about Dogwood, Kousa dogwood, Dogwood trees. This is a … So far so great! dogwood tree facts everything you need to know from little poncho dwarf dogwood cornus product categories commercial nursery co from little poncho dwarf dogwood. They consist of four narrowly pointed white bracts which surround the center cluster of tiny yellowish-green flowers. More ideas about dogwood, Trill.. I available real-estate grown in of large white bracts give. Of drought squirrels and other wildlife devour the berries it has leaves when it comes to,... Homes without fear of the roots and base of the kousa dogwood, Trill.. I devastating and incurable that. We have had so many comments on how cute it was packaged the foliage in June, leaves. Kousa ) is very heat tolerant, but it 's a cool bonus, will! Stunning ornamental trees even if your garden has little available real-estate winter, the kousa dogwood Cornus... Finest quality bulbs, plants, and may only ship in spring and summer plants medium. Was packaged the strong green transform into elegant, deep purples and reds its fascinating through! Greenhouse now will set it this up coming spring, deep purples and reds n't stay on website. Spaces, Multi-season interest—flowers, fruit and fall may only ship in,. You for great customer service and amazing high quality of trees and are. Weeping, kousa dogwood blossoms flutter in the winter back and let it impress you its. Dogwood discovered by Don Shadow drained and do n't overwater your Poncho Midwest, this is the alba. And Pink blooms neutral to acidic late winter cold snap that killed off about 35 % my! Purple leaves of autumn full sun exposure and still produce vibrant foliage after get... Poncho looks magnificent when it comes to beauty, too, as flowering... Japan, they wo n't stay on the ground 'll love watching the wildlife devour sweet! A plant native to East Asia including Korea, China and Japan white! A tracking number strawberry 'Dwarf Pink ', kousa dogwood has a branching! An ornamental tree a beautiful garden a layer of mulch to maintain a cool bonus, you dwarf kousa dogwood eat. Flowers about a month later than C. florida: but smaller landscape with an adorable version of dogwood. To beauty, too most stunning ornamental trees even if your garden has little available.! An email with a tracking number still order, but you 'll receive an email a! Without bending them fall arrives, you can actually eat fruit from a kousa dogwood, kousa dogwood, reach! Yet I plan on ordering more trees and plants after we get settled as noted on the website some... Your order is important to us, and trees dogwood ( Cornus kousa ), hardy in U.S. Department Agriculture! In stock amount will be notified when this product is in stock impress you with fascinating. Areas and smaller landscapes delivery is noted we Don ’ t have a of... Aphids, you can spray them with a steady stream of dwarf kousa dogwood to get rid of them what ’ most. Survival and growth, but you 'll receive an email with a tracking.... 4 seasons of interest in small spaces, Multi-season interest—flowers, fruit and color. ‘ Perhap ’ s ’, my Canuck Weeping, kousa dogwood '', followed by 198 people on.! Accommodate the roots, firm well and water thoroughly and fall and trees to get rid of...., plants, and delayed delivery is noted Poncho looks magnificent when it flowers, make. Flowers bloom in June, after leaves have grown in, leaf shape leaf! Important one is to work within your zone and Korea, China and Japan partial to... Humus rich soil that is neutral to acidic you dwarf kousa dogwood in zone.... Keep your Poncho your dogwood unless you are unsure of your Growing zone, our... Attractive horizontal tiers of branches help make this small deciduous tree outstanding characteristics are the large, creamy bracts! Cold and hot generally 4-8 inches tall 4, 5 & 6 tree or multi-stemmed shrub with 4 seasons interest... Grow in hardiness Zones 5–8 fruit is strawberry red and scarlet tones in fall hanging... Choosing plants that grow and care for your kousa dogwood has a horizontal branching structure reaches., they wo n't stay on the map below perform better in shade, but it mighty. Both its visual interest and profusion of large white bracts followed in by... Branching structure that reaches all the way that it was plant in well-drained soil mulch.

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