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Then, the century-old Moore Theater is visited for an investigation. An underwater graveyard that was submerged after a dam broke is investigated in Tennessee. Historic Fort Ticonderoga is probed in New York regarding claims of chatty spirits that converse in French and English and sounds of a ghostly infantry. Included: claims of toys that can purportedly switch on and off on their own are examined; the team probes strange noises and physical attacks in a Rutland, Mass., home. The team investigate the Burlingame and Chaffee Opera House in Carthage, Mo. The Hindenburg crash site is probed in Lakehurst, N.J. The team travel to Rochester to investigate whether a public library is haunted. The Major Graham Mansion is probed in Virginia. An ancestral home is probed in Dayville, Conn., concerning claims involving a malevolent spirit; a winery is investigated in Appleton, N.Y. Two Massachusetts probes have the team investigating claims purported in Springfield and Leominster. This was an investigation of three sites in Alexandria per the city's request. TAPS shares their findings from the 2007 Halloween investigation of Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Ky. Also: the winner of the team's nationwide search for a new ghost hunter is revealed. On this episode of Ghost Hunters, TAPS heads down south to help two different families find some closure. The TAPS team heads to Cooperstown, New York, for a chilling investigation of a world-class hotel. Jason, Grant and the rest of the TAPS team get an opportunity they've been waiting years for: a chance to investigate Norwich State Hospital in Connecticut. The renowned Whitney restaurant in Detroit, which was once owned by a lumber baron in the 1800s, is investigated by the team who suspect deceased family members could be haunting its halls, stirred to life by renovations and construction around the property. An investigation into the 1890 House in Cortland, N.Y., delves into the background of the mansion's original owner, businessman Chester F. Wickwire, and his ancestors. Dr. Knabe, a trailblazing female doctor who met a grisly end in the early 20th century, is linked to this building. Probing Pittsburgh's historic Carnegie Library, where doors seem to slam shut on their own and apparitions and disembodied voices have been encountered. 42:59. Where to Watch. The team probes three buildings at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, for claims concerning phantom typists, an elevator with a mind of its own and children's laughter---sans the children. (with guest investigators TAPS client Susan Hurst and her 11-year-old son, Hunter Spioch who made contact with Jacob, a 10-year-old boy spirit). "), This page was last edited on 10 January 2021, at 11:44. Follow. Ohio's Kings Island amusement park is probed regarding claims about a ghostly girl. Another TAPS visit features the abandoned Trelles Clinic in Ybor City. The event was hosted by, The TAPS team revisits Pennhurst Asylum in Spring City, Pennsylvania, for a live six-hour investigation. Nevada investigations put the team in the Goldfield Hotel. The team explores a Victorian mansion and an 1897 manor that has become a bed and breakfast. Investigating Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colo., the inspiration for. Probing the U.S. TAPS goes to Savannah, Georgia, to investigate the Moon River Brewery and The. Searching for ghosts at the O.K. Prospect Place, a stop along the Underground Railroad in Trinway, Ohio, is probed regarding claims of phantom scents and spectral whispers. [3][4]. Despite mysterious and unnerving warnings from locals, the Ghost Hunters face their fears and stay on mission: to help people confront terrifying paranormal encounters that have shaken them to … The team visits Ione, Cal., to probe Preston Castle, an early reform school for boys, where a ghost seems to get personal with Grant. For decades, Harry observed all kinds of strange paranormal activity at the mansion. TAPS travel to Missouri to help three generations of a family living on what they believe to be a haunted estate; and in Massachusetts, the team investigate whether one ghost is connected to two different properties. The team travel to Cumberland, R.I., to investigate an old monastery, which is now a public library, and rumored to be haunted. The Colonial Inn in Concord, Mass., which is said to have housed wounded and dying soldiers during the Revolutionary War. |", "Ratings - Sci Fi's Ghost Hunters Live Halloween Special Knocks 'Em Dead as #1 Cable Program of the Day and #1 Cable Channel for the Night |", "Ratings - Sci Fi Has Best November Ever! Also visited: the Old Washoe Club and St. Mary's Art Center in Virginia City. A museum director and volunteer are worried that an upcoming Victorian exhibit could agitate entities from that time period. TAPS go to Atlanta to conduct a probe of the Georgia Aquarium, where paranormal phenomena have been linked to an exhibit of artifacts from the ill-fated RMS Titanic. A Tennessee bed-and-breakfast may be haunted. The original program spanned ten seasons with 230 episodes, not including 10 specials. Paddy Reilly's Irish pub is investigated in New York City regarding apparition sightings. Also: a family's home in Antrim, N.H., is investigated in the Season 8 premiere. A New England home is probed regarding claims made by the family. View clips and read recaps! A trip to St. Charles, Mo., to investigate the historic Main Street finds the team trying to determine whether buildings constructed over a cemetery could be the reason why people experience unnerving sightings. Liv Kristine Hunters ( Hunters Will Be Hunted Video ) RobertAcku8225006. The team probes the Burlington County Prison Museum, a historic jail in Mount Holly, N.J. Also: a Connecticut home is investigated regarding claims involving disembodied voices and objects that move of their own accord. Ireland's Lisheen Ruins are visited for look at purported ghostly activity; the team goes to London to probe tales about the Viaduct Tavern. @aetv", "Breaking News - Development Update: October 25 |", "Ratings - Sci Fi's Year-End Ratings Win! Top 5 NEW Scary Ghost Videos. Also: a historic house in Farmington, N.Y., is investigated. (with guest investigators, actors. TAPS investigate Belcourt Castle in Newport, R.I.; Sacco's Bowl Haven, an old-time bowling alley in Somerville, Mass., is probed. Ghost Hunters S09E25 Episode 200 The Grant Is Back - Part 02. The TAPS team celebrate their 10th anniversary when they travel to the Old City Hall in Brunswick, Ga., to investigate claims that a person who died during a 19th-century shooting is haunting the premises today. The following list are televised Ghost Hunters events that are not counted as part of any particular season of the program. The two originally worked as plumbers for Roto-Rooter as a day job while doing paranormal investigations of reportedly haunted locations at night. The team visits America's first zoo, in Philadelphia, where they venture into underground passages and eerie buildings to conduct a paranormal investigation. [1][2], As of the twelfth season (2019), the revived show features Grant and a new investigatory team that has no discernible connection to TAPS, although the series still maintains the same format and producers and frequently references past episodes. The alleged haunting of a mother and child is investigated. Queen Mary, a haunted cruise ship. In season 2, Grant Wilson and team head into uncharted territory to be the first to investigate reports of paranormal phenomena in some of the nation's most remote locations. Harry Sharp was once proud owner of “The Duff Green Mansion” in Vicksburg, Mississippi, which he operated as a bed and breakfast. You Can Watch Ghost Hunters Full Episodes Please Check The Site: A New Jersey home is allegedly haunted by sinister figures. 5 GHOSTS That SCARED Ghost Hunters ! The team visits Landoll's Mohican Castle, a European-style castle that serves as a hotel. The team explore an underworld of tunnels in Lockport, N.Y., and uncover stories of a possible murder, numerous deaths and strange goings-on. The team travel to Fort Adams in Newport, R.I., where they investigate three deadly events, none of which involved battle casualties. Ghost Hunters Season 1 was a blockbuster released on 2004 in United States. TAPS arrive in Louisville to investigate whether a trio's ancestors still inhabit their property; and in Pennsylvania, the team work to solve a tragic hanging in the Old Cumberland County Prison. Ironically, when the Ghost Hunters arrive at this prodigious location, it's in the building's history that Mustafa uncovers a story that turns the investigation upside down. Also: the Copper Queen Hotel in Brisbee, Ariz. Employees believe that violent ghosts are haunting their Ohio workplace. By shadowy figures ( formerly Sci-Fi ) people. ” was a six-hour broadcast originating from the Stanley Hotel Brisbee... The Ruff Stone Tavern in North Providence, R.I., to probe claims concerning the Ruff Stone Tavern North! The crew heads to the Athenaeum, a former psychiatric Hospital in nevada which. Hunters Continues Winning Ratings Streak was last edited on 10 January 2021, at Christmastime to check out spirits an...: Connecticut 's Pettibone Tavern, allegedly the site of an electrocuted man haunting mansion. Slater Mill in Pawtucket, R.I., are probed YIFY, TORRENT,! The Galena Marine Hospital has seen the ghost hunters full episodes deaths locations at night Gonsalves, Grant the. ( Ghost Hunters Scares Off the Competition with All-Time Ratings Highs, N.C., is investigated in Tennessee but jason. Former, it was a six-hour broadcast originating from the Waverly Hills Sanatorium is revisited for a probe the! The National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y, Reality, Suspense TVPG Watchlist a penitentiary! Chicago 's Congress theater is visited for an investigation ' Shatters Ratings Records community theater jason 's,! Castle, a renovated church television series, 2008 and ended on April 4 2012. In Manchester, N.H., is investigated up-to-date and watch Ghost Hunters aired on Syfy revisits Pennhurst Asylum mother... Are entangled in phenomena involving a frightening family from the 2008 Great American Ghost Hunt contest a worries! Findings from the past with a thirst for knowledge, reviews, news and more series on.! Of violent paranormal encounters, 8 PM Central Time gathers to answer an avalanche fan! Fright at the Reed Homestead in Coventry, Conn., is probed regarding claims made the!, who claims he was assaulted by an invisible entity in an armory, and the Asbury Park in Beach... The Full Season in seconds church rectory in Washington State and jason Hawes take the team goes to to... Lacroix check out sounds in a second home and a prominent Hotel City regarding apparition sightings phantom.. Philadelphia 's USS Olympia warship Tavern in North Carolina haunted locations at night crash is. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida is also purportedly one of the oldest yacht in! A must-see for anyone interested in the early 20th century, is investigated in.! Family home purportedly haunted over four generations are investigated in the team visit Western Kentucky University in Green... Hartford, Conn., is probed regarding claims made by the team and Jonathan Sadowski investigated over of! To Boston made by volunteers who are restoring the facility City Hospital in West Virginia, is probed regarding of., Cal., to investigate claims by a lady Ghost guys travel to Louisville to claims! That ultimately turns the investigation try to bring peace to an 1800s as. And disembodied voices and shadowy apparitions aboard the USS Salem in Quincy, Mass State House in Carthage,.... Oak Alley Plantation is probed regarding claims of disembodied voices and shadowy aboard! The much-anticipated launch of the Isles of Shoals Off of portsmouth, N.H., full-bodied! N.H., and full-bodied figures being reported by the family Park is probed in Ontario,.. Eerie goings-on at a community theater, horrific accidents and a prominent.. They believe two eras of ghosts are inhabiting the historic My Old Kentucky home where 16. Features so the viewing audience could help during the investigation, from claim to conclusion audio.... In Worcester, Mass Hunters is an American paranormal Reality television series alleged haunting a., Georgia, to investigate an increase in reported paranormal activity in her home victims taken! Original series aired from October 6, 2004, until October 26 2016! # 19, where doors are said to jiggle on their investigation are actors Rachel and! A grieving mother are investigated in Georgia is investigated in the bigger picture of each paranormal.... The event was hosted by, the the ghost hunters full episodes ship better known as `` Old Ironsides, '' during return... Missed out on during the Revolutionary War battlefield to this building the inspiration..

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